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Funding and support

I am grateful for both the generous funding and non-financial support I have received from the following organisations:

  • The Royal Navy and the Commanding Officer, Officers and crew of HMS Scott (artist's residency)
  • The Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute (artist's residency on HMS Scott)
  • The Gino Watkins memorial Fund/Edward Wilson Fund (funding)
  • The Andrew Croft Memorial Fund (funding)
  • The Polar People (expert travel specialists for Polar regions)
  • Norsk Hydro (UK) Ltd (commission)
  • Nor-Cargo Ltd, Grimsby, UK (transportation of work)
  • Hydro Aluminium Metals Ltd, UK (commission)
  • OBC Shipping (funding)
  • The Anglo Norse Society (funding)
  • The Eaton Fund (funding)
  • The Godinton Trust (funding)
  • NORSC Holidays - (expert advice and support)
  • Northern Arts (exhibition funding)
  • Nycomed Amersham plc (funding)
  • North Cape (Scotland) Ltd. (outdoor clothing)
  • Tiso the outdoor specialist (funding)

Links - the Alpine Club, Charlotte Rd, London    for an excellent adventure in the Dolomites 
- Peter Hutchinson Designs - for perfect custom made polar outdoor clothing to survive the cold!  - fabulous hotel in Ilulissat overlooking the icebergs and Icefjord of Disco Bay, west Greenland (spot us at the end of the video!) - expert Polar travel specialists   - for booking superb trips around Ilulissat, and Disco Bay - Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute - The Andrew Croft Memorial Fund - The Gino Watkins Memorial Fund - the British Mountaineering Council site - the Campaign for National Parks site. All kinds of information on the National Parks of England and Wales and the work of CNP, the national charity that works to protect and enhance them. a great mountain hotel in the heart of Norway's Jotunheim mountains. Offers mountain sport as well as fantastic views. An excellent base.

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