Eternal Landscape - the National Parks of Wales

An exhibition in support of the Council for National Parks (CNP), summer 2005

This is an introduction to my ‘Eternal Landscape’ Exhibition, which was on display in Cardiff and Llanberis throughout August and September 2005. It raised around £3,250.00 for CNP.

See some of the paintings included in this exhibition 

“National Park areas everywhere play an essential role in ensuring the preservation of the environment for the future. With the modern world developing ever more quickly, devouring our shrinking countryside at an unsustainable rate, the need for National Parks and all that they stand for is ever more crucial. 

With this in mind, I decided to take on the painting of the National Parks of Wales over a period of 18 months and to exhibit this work to benefit and publicise the work of the Council for National Parks. CNP is the national charity that works to protect and enhance the National Parks of England and Wales and areas that merit National Park status. CNP also promotes better understanding and quiet enjoyment of the Parks for the benefit of all which, in my opinion, makes them a greatly deserving cause. It’s small charity with a huge task and so, happy to lend support to CNP, my ‘Eternal Landscape’ exhibition came about.

After painting icy Norwegian mountains for several years, returning to paint Wales was challenging. The diversity of incredible imagery on view at every turn was, in some instances, overwhelming. However maintaining focus on my main objective - to portray as broad a view as possible of all three National Parks – ensured that my need to be selective was not distracted.

My travels around the National Parks took me to familiar haunts and popular viewpoints without too much trouble. But, with a little more effort, I  also stumbled across and was delighted to find the more unusual - be it a vista or a group of trees. From the well known and recognisable to the hidden or just plain overlooked, the 70 paintings in this exhibition contain something for everyone: mountains, waterfalls, moorland, sea cliffs, woodland, seashore and rocks.

Whether familiar with the National Parks of Wales or not, it is intended that the exhibition viewer be introduced to, or reminded of, exactly what they have to offer. In the actual exhibition, a display of information highlighting the work of CNP demonstrated why the Parks exist and the importance of their protection – and 25% of all sales of paintings went directly to benefit CNP. I strongly believe that education regarding the significance of National Park designation and the maintenance of such status, leads the way to better understanding of the work involved in safeguarding our natural environment for the future. I hope that ‘Eternal Landscape’  will contribute to this education in a significant way and continue to raise money to assist CNP in their ongoing crucially important work.”

Sir Chris Bonington, an Honourary Life Vice President of the Council for National Parks (CNP), said of the exhibition......"This exhibition is an exciting and innovative way to highlight the importance of our National Parks and the vital work of CNP. Visually captivating, 'Eternal Landscape' celebrates the diversity and beauty of the Welsh National Parks and uniquely demonstrates the essential need for the continued protection of these and other such areas in the UK.”

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