Mountain Paintings and Coastal Studies - Antarctica, the Alps, Dolomites, Greenland and Gower.

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Ski trails above the Chamonix Valley, March

  A recent interview with the Armchair Mountaineer….. 


I have always had a deep affinity for mountain environments and my enthusiasm for those wild, often frozen landscapes, lies at the heart of my work. Together with ephemeral skies and the dramatic light which emanates from them, this incredible scenery provides endless artistic challenge and inspiration. There was never a particular moment when I decided to become a ‘mountain painter,’ however, as my work  has developed in that direction, it has become an increasingly more captivating – even addictive - subject for me.  I enjoy painting many types of landscape, from the beautiful Gower coastline and wild sea on my doorstep to moorland and wooded riverbank. However, my love and fascination for snow, rock and ice will always periodically take me on fascinating adventures to far flung places.

My passion is for painting in a representational way while at the same time seeking out and emphasising  the many rhythms and patterns that exist within the natural world.  I greatly enjoy every opportunity to be out there in my chosen environment, keenly observing my subject matter and gaining greater understanding of it as the figurative nature of my painting requires.

My pictures celebrate the timelessness of the landscape, often unaltered for thousands of years, and the fleeting changes upon it caused by interactions between sunshine, cloud and the changing seasons. Through these paintings I aim to highlight not only the raw beauty of some of the world's most incredible environments, but also the huge importance of their conservation.


In recent years I have been lucky enough to paint in Wales, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Greenland, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula region.

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Paintings are available to purchase from £200 to £1700

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Beginnings - a biographical piece written for the Alpine Journal 2008

Exhibition Review of 'Rhythms of the Alps' by William Mitchell at John Mitchell Fine Paintings, Old Bond Street, London    published in the Alpine Journal 2008 Vol.113, ISBN978 0 948153 91 4

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